Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate

Chemical Formula: Ba(OH)2·8H2O
Cas No.: 12230-71-6
Use: Used as a versatile additive in petroleum industry, plastics, rubbers, etc.
Item Industrial
Purity %≥ 98
BaCO3 %≤ 1
Cl %≤ 0.05
Fe %≤ 0.003
S %≤ 0.05
HCl insoluble %≤ 0.03
Sr(OH)2 %≤ 2.5


Production Process:
The company is professional manufacturer of chemical reagents. In the field of chemical reagents, the company has accumulated abundant technical strength, During the long period of production practices, the company has constantly improved the process technology of all procedures and production equipments, forming unique and advanced production technologies at home, obviously enhancing the production efficiency and quality stability, nut also continually improve such technologies and equipments as continuous distillation, material handling, residual-heat utilization and pure water cycle utilization, making quality of the company’s reagents reach a high-end level in the domestic counterparts.


1)It is mainly used as the additive for the lubricant of internal combustion engine.
2)It is a kind of superfinished multi-purpose additive for barium-based grease and oil.
3)It can be also used for beet sugar fabrication and medicine.
4)It is the raw material of plastic and rayon.
5)It can be used as resin stabilizer.
6)It is suitable for organic synthesis and other barium salt fabrication, demineralization of water glass and porcelain enamel industries.


Package and shipment:
1)25kg net packed in kraft bag or plastic bag
2)1000kgs bag or as customer’s demands
2)Loading capacity:
22mts/20’FCL with pallets; 25mts/20’FCL without pallets
Prompt shipment usually 5-7 days upon the confirmation of order.